15 Ways to Get to Know A New City

It can be hard to quickly get to know a new city! When you are visiting a new city, there are several challenges that most travelers face to feel comfortable. We have 15 tips and suggested resources and links to get you feeling like a native in no time!

Some of the common new city challenges include feeling overwhelmed by unfamiliar surroundings, feeling lonely and isolated, struggling to navigate the city and find your way around, and dealing with cultural differences and language barriers.

Additionally, you may face challenges in finding places to stay, finding good places to eat, and accessing necessary services such as healthcare and banking.

In order to overcome these challenges, it is important to be proactive and to take the time to research and plan your trip in advance. Apps, Internet research, and social media are great places to start.

Our first 5 suggestions

The AroundMe app will help you quickly get to know a new city 15 Ways to Get to Know A New City
The AroundMe app will help you quickly get to know a new city
  1. Maps and navigation apps – These can really help you to find your way around the city and get to your destination quickly and easily.
  2. Social media and online forums – Every city has a Facebook Group or Page, Instagram photos, and Twitter posts that can be found by a hashtag search of the city’s name. These can be a great way to connect with locals and other travelers who can provide you with advice and tips about the city.
  3. Online travel guides and review websites – These can provide you with useful information about the city, including recommendations for places to stay, eat, and visit. Think of the apps Yelp, AroundMe, and RVLifestyle for road trips.
  4. Translation apps and language learning tools – If you’re traveling abroad, these can help you to overcome language barriers and communicate more effectively with locals. Google Translate is awesome.
  5. Online booking and reservation tools – These can make it easy for you to find and book accommodation, transportation, and other services in the city. OpenTable helps you easily get restaurant reservations in a new city, Reservations.gov lets you reserve experiences at over 4,200 facilities and 113,000 individual sites across the country.

Once there, get out and move around

15 Ways to Get to Know A New City with a walking tour

Technology will quickly give you the lay of the land. Now, based on your research, it’s time to move around.

  1. Take a walking tour of the city to see the main sights and landmarks. This can be a great way to get a feel for the layout of the city and learn about its history and culture. For ideas, check out this story on Walking Tours.
  2. Try the local cuisine and visit some of the city’s best restaurants. Eating local food is a great way to get to know a city’s culture and get a sense of what makes it unique. We like to check the World Food Atlas for quick ideas.
  3. Visit a local market and interact with the vendors. Markets are often a hub of local activity, and by talking to the people who work there, you can learn a lot about the city and its inhabitants. Just search “local markets near me” and you’ll quickly be connected.
  4. Take a public transportation tour of the city. Whether it’s a bus, tram, or subway, using public transportation can give you a sense of how locals get around and help you see parts of the city you might not have discovered on your own. Here’s a searchable database of public transportation across the US.
  5. Attend a local event or festival. Cities often have a variety of events and festivals that showcase their culture and history. Attending one of these events can be a great way to get to know a city and its people. Just search “festivals near me” for a list.
  6. Go on a bike or boat tour of the city. Both of these activities can give you a different perspective on the city and allow you to see it in a new way. Here’s a website that lists bike tours all over the world.
  7. Visit a museum or art gallery. Museums and galleries are a great way to learn about a city’s history and culture, and many of them offer guided tours that can provide even more insight. Here’s a worldwide directory of museums and art galleries.
  8. Take a guided tour of the city. Many cities offer tours led by local experts who can provide a wealth of knowledge about the city’s history and culture. Don’t be afraid to travel the back roads, too! Interstates are fine for getting somewhere fast. But the back roads around a city are where all the fun things are.
  9. Talk to the locals. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with people you meet while exploring the city. Locals can often provide valuable insights and recommendations that can help you get to know the city better. Every place has a story – and the locals know it. You will, too, if you just ask.
  10. Use social media to connect with people who live in the city. Many cities have online groups or forums where people discuss local events and happenings. Joining one of these groups can be a great way to get to know a city from a local’s perspective.
Visita diner – strike up a conversation.

The most common questions about getting to know a new city

We thought it would be helpful to list travelers’ most common questions when visiting a new city.

Here’s what our years of travel experience have taught us are what people want to know when visiting a new city:

  • What is there to do in this city?
  • Where should I stay?
  • What are the best restaurants in the area?
  • How do I get around?
  • Are there any must-see sights or landmarks?
  • What are the local customs and traditions?
  • What is the weather like?
  • Are there any festivals or events happening during my visit?
  • Where can I find a map of the city?
  • Are there any safety concerns I should be aware of?

These are just some examples of common questions that people might have when visiting a new city. It’s always a good idea to do some research before your trip to familiarize yourself with the area and plan your itinerary.

And if you follow those links and tips we shared above, you’ll have the answers.

Do you have some suggestions to add to this? Please use the comment below.

Happy travels!

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