10 Life-Saving Survival Gadgets for Adventurers

10 Life-Saving Survival Gadgets for Adventurers

Whether hiking, cycling, camping, or backpacking, these survival gadgets can mean the difference between life and death. Or, at the very least, get you out of a frustrating situation.  

Does your kind of travel involve a tent? What about hiking boots? A bicycle? Do you test your limits with every adventure you go on?

If your preferred method of travel relies on your strength and skills, the following survival gadgets are for you. Whether you’re a hiker, cyclist, backpacker, or even a campground camper, these items can give you an advantage over nature.

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10 Survival Gadgets for Adventurers

No matter what adventure you have in store, it would be best if you never took your safety for granted. You must be prepared to face unexpected challenges even if, God willing, they never occur.

These survival gadgets help you do just that. They will help keep you warm and hydrated. They will help treat your wounds and get you out of dangerous situations. They will give you a fighting chance.

1. EDC Kit

Let’s start with an all-in-one kit that has it all. Ideally, an EDC Kit is customized to the user. However, there are ready-made EDC Kits that make excellent starter “go bags” or survival kits.

EDC is a military term for “Every Day Carry.” What an EDC kit includes depends on its purpose. A Military EDC kit, for instance, carries different items than a hiker’s EDC kit. Furthermore, one hiker’s EDC kit can be different than the next.

You can get a fully-stocked Emergency EDC Backpack or a more compact EDC case

These kits include much of what you’d need. But if you want to customize your survival kit, you should consider the following…

2. Personal Water Filter Bottle

No matter where you are, you need water to survive. While you may have access to a water source, contaminated water can be just as dangerous as your survival situation.

This LifeStraw Go is a water bottle with a water filter built into the straw. The microfilter lasts up to 1,000 gallons (4,000 liters) if properly used and maintained. 

It protects against 99.999999% of bacteria, parasites, microplastics, silt, sand, and more. Plus, it makes the water taste better. 

It’s a great survival gadget, but it’s great for everyday use, too. It will also give you peace of mind when traveling to countries or places with unknown water quality.

3. Survival Fire Starter

After the need for water comes fire. Having a fire in a survival situation can keep you warm, cook whatever food you find or hunt, and signal for help.

Fire can purify water for you if you don’t have a water filter system like the previous gadget.

So, a fire starter is a must-have if you’re building a survival kit. Unlike matches or lighters, they can’t be ruined by water or run out of igniter fluid.

This Magnesium Fire Starter 2 pack is an excellent option.

4. Space Blanket

Speaking of warmth, another survival gadget can stave off hypothermia without fire. A space blanket gets its nickname from its metallic finish, but it is also known as an emergency blanket or survival blanket.

space blanket traps your body heat inside, keeping you warm in extreme cold. They’re cheap, compact, lightweight, and a great addition to any survival pack.

You can go with a survival sleeping bag to take it up a notch.

5. First Aid Kit

First aid kits are a must-have for adventurers, yet they are often overlooked. I’ve encountered too many people with a fire starter in their packs but not a first aid kit! 

Don’t find yourself injured without any way to treat your wounds. Be sure to pack a first aid that best suits your needs.

Here are some options to consider:

6. Tactical Pen

A tactical pen is a self-defense tool and multi-tool. Oh, and it’s also a writing utensil.

The MTP-6 Tactical Pen combines a multi-mode LED flashlight, a premium glass tungsten carbide breaker, a multi-tool, and a ballpoint pen. It also comes with a bonus: 3 black ink cartridges, 4 sets of batteries, an online self-defense class, and a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY.

We all know what Jason Bourne can do with a pen. Just imagine what he could do with a tactical pen. 

7. Multitool Bracelet (Wearable Multitool)

I’ve only recently learned about a new type of multi-tool that you can wear on your wrist, called a tread bracelet. 

The cleverly designed bracelet is made of functional links. The BewthU multi-tool bracelet has 29-in-1 functions, including wrenches, screwdrivers, glass breaker, cutting hook, and more.

This type of multi-tool is ideal for cyclists, motorcyclists, and the like. If you want a deeper dive into multi-tools – this one will be good.

8. Tactical Flashlight

Let there be light with this tactical flashlight 2-pack. What makes a flashlight “tactical” is its durability. Another requirement is a super bright light in a compact design. 

These particular flashlights are made from military-grade aluminum and are water-resistant. They’re virtually indestructible.

They’re handy for everyday use but also excel in emergencies.

9. Paracord Bracelet

Paracord bracelets are practically a wardrobe staple for adventurers. You’ll commonly see them on the wrists of backpackers, hikers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

These A2S Paracord Bracelets have 12 feet of paracord, which can be unraveled to use in emergencies.

As a bonus, these bracelets also come with 4 other survival tools, including a compass, removable fire scraper, Magnesia rod fire starter, and whistle.

10. Satellite Communicator

One of the surest ways to survive an emergency is to call for help. In remote locations, this can be impossible. Unless, of course, you have a satellite communicator.

While several are on the market, the Spot X 2-Way Satellite Messenger is a great option. You can send an S.O.S. to Search & Rescue, message back and forth, and receive a confirmation when help is on its way.

A subscription is applicable for Spot X, as well as for other communicators.

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