New Way to Travel? Check Out This Solar-Powered Houseboat

Check Out This Solar-Powered Houseboat! New Way to Travel?

RVs and tiny houses have surged in popularity on land, but why stop there? Why not live tiny on the water? Here’s a solar-powered houseboat that makes the idea that much more appealing…

Introducing Fàng Sōng, the new solar-powered houseboat that can travel up to 31 miles in a day! While houseboats are nothing new in the world of travel, THIS houseboat introduces new and innovative ideas.

This modern houseboat combats the stereotype that houseboats are just single-wide mobile homes on the water. Many people could comfortably call it home and, even more, a vacation home. 

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Meet the Fàng Sōng

Fàng Sōng, the new solar-powered houseboat

The Fàng Sōng houseboat is the brainchild of Crossboundaries, a company that has redesigned the traditional motorboat into a slow-motion traveling nest. It is fully solar-powered and has high-end, tiny-home characteristics, making it a perfect place to relax and decelerate.

At just over 45 ft (15m) in length and a bit over 12 ft (4m) in width, the Fàng Sōng houseboat is a compact and transformable space. It includes a set of interlinked and multi-purpose areas that can be adapted to suit the needs of the owner. 

The boat’s bright color palette celebrates creativity and makes a statement that houseboats can be so much more than a single-wide on water.

A New Way to Travel Tiny

Fàng Sōng, the new solar-powered houseboat

One of the most exciting aspects of this houseboat is its ability to broaden the “Tiny Home” and RV community. Houseboating may become a perfect alternative for those who love to travel but still want to enjoy the comforts of home. 

While all houseboats offer the same “tiny” freedoms, the Fàng Sōng introduces a new way to enjoy it with modern designs and technology.

Innovative & Sustainable

Fàng Sōng, the new solar-powered houseboat

The Fàng Sōng houseboat is not just a beautiful and practical space; it is also sustainable and innovative. It is fully self-reliant on its solar panels on sunny days and can travel up to 31 miles per day.

The boat is “smart and self-powered” due to a set of innovative solutions in terms of solar energy, heating source, water, and waste management. 

The boat includes a pellet stove, remotely controlled by an app, which satisfies heating demands with a source of renewable energy.

In the future, the owner plans to add a water purification system and a biological sewage treatment unit to upgrade the boat for long journeys. 

Multi-Functional Furniture & Design

Fàng Sōng, the new solar-powered houseboat

Fàng Sōng boasts also boasts multifunctionality that maximizes the limited space available in the houseboat. The design is ideal for individuals seeking to work and live on a houseboat or to take a break and escape from the stresses of modern living.

Hidden Bed

The Fang Song has a fully hidden bed that can be closed when not in use, which helps to create a calmer atmosphere in the living area. This bed folds neatly away into a stylish cabinet, allowing the owner to create more space for entertaining friends and family.

Removable Kitchen Table

The Fang Song has a removable kitchen table that offers a more flexible option for dining or working. The table can be taken down to create more room in the living area or put up when more table space is required. This feature provides the owner with the ability to create a customized dining or work area based on their specific needs.

Pop-up Table & Foldable Desk

The kitchen area includes a pop-up table, which is perfect for serving meals, and a hidden foldable desk in a cabinet. The desk provides a work-from-home environment, allowing the owner to stay productive while enjoying the calm waters of the lake or river.

Control Dashboard Under Additional Bed

An extra bed unfolds on top of the control console, which is a unique design feature that helps to create more living space in the boat’s main cabin. While this may seem inconvenient at times, it makes good use of that space when the boat is parked.

Pros and Cons of Houseboat Living & Travel

Fàng Sōng, the new solar-powered houseboat

If you are considering a houseboat as a living space or recreational vehicle, there are several pros and cons to keep in mind. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of houseboat living and travel.

Pro #1: Enjoy a Unique Lifestyle

Living on a houseboat offers a unique lifestyle that is quite different from living on land. Houseboats are a great way to enjoy nature, connect with water, and explore new places.

Pro #2: Self-Sufficient Living

Houseboats can be designed to be self-sufficient with their own power, water, and waste management systems. This means you can live off the grid and be completely independent.

Pro #3: Mobility

One of the main advantages of living on a houseboat is that it is mobile. Whether by driving or trailering, you can travel to different locations and explore new areas for prolonged periods of time.

Pro #4: Affordable living

Compared to traditional houses or apartments, houseboats can be a more affordable living option, especially if you are looking to downsize or simplify your life.

However, just like RVs and tiny homes, there are hidden costs to consider, and it’s not as affordable as most people might think.

Fàng Sōng, the new solar-powered houseboat

Con #1: Weather-dependent

Houseboats are weather-dependent and can be affected by strong winds, waves, and storms. This means you need to be prepared for unexpected weather conditions and have a plan in place.

Con #2: Limited space

Houseboats can be relatively small and cramped, especially compared to traditional houses. This means you need to be prepared to live in a smaller space and make the most of every inch.

Con #3: Limited Amenities

Although Fàng Sōng boasts some great amenities, many houseboats are more simply designed. You need to be prepared to live a simpler life with fewer amenities.

Con #4: Local Regulations

 Houseboats are subject to local regulations and zoning laws, which can be complex and restrictive. It may require extensive research to determine where you can travel or live in a houseboat.

Overall, living on a houseboat can be a unique and rewarding experience. However, it is important to weigh the pros and cons carefully and make an informed decision based on your lifestyle, preferences, and needs.

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