9 High Tech Travel Clothing & Accessories to Upgrade Your Travel Wardrobe!

9 High Tech Travel Clothing & Accessories to Upgrade Your Travel Wardrobe!

Our top picks for high tech travel clothing including pickpocket-proof clothing, compression socks, a battery-charging backpack, and extreme heat and cold clothing and accessories!

Comfort is key when traveling, and we’re not just talking about soft clothing. We’re talking about clothing and accessories that keep you cool, keep you warm, and PROTECT you in different environments. 

Plus, we have a life-changing Stay-Cool Hack that makes hot weather much more bearable. We discovered it by chance, and it ties to some of the clothing in this post. 

We’ll start with really nifty high-tech clothing and accessories perfect for travel. Then, we’ll list great options for traveling specifically to hot and cold climates. 

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Nifty High Tech Clothing & Accessories

pick pocket

The following three items protect you from pickpocketers, blood clots, and dead batteries! We think they’re nifty as all get out, and think you’ll be impressed by them, too.

Pickpocket Proof Clothing

There is a highly-rated clothing company called Clothing Arts that specializes in pickpocket-proof clothing. They have a line for adventurers as well as business travelers.

Their inventory includes pants, jeans, chinos, jackets, and shirts for men and women. And yes, if you missed that at first, they have pickpocket-proof jeans and chinos! 

So, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure (or both), you can block pickpocketers in style.

Compression Socks for Air Travel

High Tech Travel Clothing

Compression socks are great for long flights, but they’re also great for any long travel day. They keep your blood moving and reduce foot swelling. 

They can even save your life. We know that sounds dramatic, but DVT is a real threat for some travelers, especially those who spend a lot of time in airplanes. 

According to the American Society of Hematology:

“Blood clots can sometimes form in your legs during air travel because you are immobile for long periods of time, often sitting in cramped spaces with little leg room. The clinical term for this type of blood clot is deep vein thrombosis (DVT). The longer the flight, the more at risk you are for developing a clot. Flights lasting 8 to 10 hours or longer pose the greatest risk.”

Matein Travel Laptop Backpack with Charger Port

This nifty backpack is one of the Top 10 Minimalist Travel Backpacks (2023). We wanted to include it on this list, too, because of its exterior battery charging port. 

Pair this backpack with a portable battery pack, and you’re good to go. And speaking of battery packs, check out this awesome (but a bit bulky) solar-charged battery pack

COLD Weather High Tech Travel Clothing & Accessories

 High Tech Travel Clothing

Now for our next category! How to stay WARM in really cold weather. The following will keep you nice and toasty whether you’re traveling to Iceland, Alaska, or Santa’s workshop.

Heated Jackets & Vests

These jackets and vests work a lot like heated blankets. They have heating coils in the lining that are heated by battery packs. 

There are quite a few on the market, but here are some highly-rated options:

Rechargeable Hand Warmers

If you’re a fan of HotHands Super Warmers, you’re gonna love these rechargeable hand warmers. They’re great to have when you’re hiking, golfing, camping, or simply out in cold weather.

They’re lightweight and can warm your hands for up to 12 hours! You then plug them in to recharge– which is much more environmentally friendly than disposable heat packs!

Heated Beanie

Attention skiers, snowboarders, and baldies! This heated beanie will keep your noggin nice and toasty. 

It has 3 heat settings and can keep your head warm for up to 7 hours. Well, really, much longer… it is a beanie, after all. So, even when the battery is dead, it still works as a beanie!

HOT Weather High Tech Travel Clothing & Accessories

 High Tech Travel Clothing

Lastly, let’s tackle how to stay COOL wherever you travel. If you’re headed to America’s South, on an African safari, or on a desert adventure, you’ll want these cooling clothing and accessories.

Plus, we share our Stay-Cool Hack that makes even the hottest weather less intimidating!

Moisture Wicking UV Protection Long Sleeve

You might be wondering why we’re including long sleeve clothing in our Stay Cool section. But this long sleeve clothing is designed to protect your skin from the sun without overheating you. 

Plus, we accidentally discovered a hack to stay cool while wearing this type of clothing. We originally bought the clothing to protect our skin, but on an unbearably hot day, we wet the sleeves and had a Eureka moment!

The Stay-Cool Hack:

  1. Buy polyester UV protective clothing, like this men’s wicking long sleeve and women’s hoodie
  2. Wet the sleeves (or even the whole thing) with water
  3. Be amazed at how it pulls heat off you as it dries! It’s like a wearable swamp cooler.
  4. Re-wet as needed

No joke, this clothing hack will keep you much cooler than a tank top and prevent sunburns!

Cooling Neck Gaiter

This neck gaiter achieves the same cooling effect as our Stay Cool Hack. The material immediately cools when activated with water and draws the heat off you as it dries. 

Just like our polyester clothing hack, it works like a swamp cooler around your neck. It’s a must-have for every hiking backpack, golf bag, and, in our opinion, every travel backpack. 

Cooling Towels

If you prefer a cooling towel instead of one of the wearable options above, these cooling towels are for you. Unlike the previous options, these are made from microfiber and are thus a softer alternative for rubbing sweat off your face.

To be honest, we don’t understand exactly how these work because “snapping” the wet towels activates them. Or, you can shake them a few times. 

We suppose you can spice up the activation process by employing the famous Bend and Snap from Legally Blonde

Your Favorite High-Tech Travel Clothing & Accessories

We’d love to hear about your favorite products, too! Let us know what works great for you in the comments below.

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