The Electric Stroller: Gimmick or Game-Changer?

The Electric Stroller: Gimmick or Game-Changer?

Is this battery-powered electric stroller the future of parenting?

Over the past two decades, we have seen a lot of improvement in the mobility and ease of use of strollers. They have become lighter, more portable, and more convertible, with interchangeable seats, bassinets, and car seats. 

While these new features and options are very nice to have, a good stroller still comes down to its “pushability.” If it’s not easy to push or turn, all the other selling points are moot. 

“Pushability” has thus been a driving force for innovation, with the goal of making a stroller that feels like “it practically pushes itself.” Well, one brand has decided to make an electric stroller that does practically push itself. 

Introducing the Cybex e-Priam

Cybex is a relatively new brand known for its innovations and fashionable designs for child safety products- most notably, strollers and travel systems. Their main target market is urban areas where customers want their strollers to look as good as they function, and they’re willing to pay extra for it.

Cybex’s latest solution for urban lifestyles is the e-Priam, an electric stroller with battery-powered motors. The motors serve as a power assist, making pushing over flat ground effortless and over rough ground much easier. 

Perhaps most impressive is its ability to climb hills with minimal effort as well as to go down hills safely, as the motors automatically brake when engaged.

Here’s a video review showing its capabilities.

The e-Priam Comes with an App

Yep, we have reached the point where even baby strollers come with an app. For the e-Priam, that includes an app-controlled rocking function. When activated, the motors will rock the stroller back and forth, mimicking a parent’s push-and-pull motion to relax the child.

There are mixed reviews on this rocking feature, with some complaining that it doesn’t work properly or reliably. However, with this kind of technology also comes software updates, so perhaps the next update will fix that issue.

Speaking of reviews…

e-Priam Reviews

Cybex products across the board maintain steady 4 to 4.5 star customer ratings, including the e-Priam and its attachments. That’s strong footing as parents are notoriously critical of strollers and whether they meet their individual needs. 

Furthermore, considering the significant price tag, customers want to get their money’s worth. So, most would agree they maintain a solid star rating. 

That said, here are the pros and cons reviewers mention the most often.

Pros of the e-Priam

  • Effortless pushing
  • Quality, comfortable fabrics
  • Fashionable design
  • Easy to fold and compact design

Cons of the e-Priam

  • Expensive
  • A bit heavy (which is expected with the motors and battery pack)
  • Unreliable rocking feature

How Much Does the e-Priam Cost?

The e-Priam frame and seat pack are currently $1,500. Instead of (or in addition to) the seat pack, you can opt for a car seat or carry cot attachment. These attachment options are $350-$450. 

You can also configure your stroller with several accessories, including a cup holder, stroller umbrella, shopper bag, insect net, snack tray, seat liner, and even stroller skis for snowy areas. However, most of these accessories are poorly reviewed.

So, Gimmick or Game-Changer?

Though there are a few technical bugs to work out, the e-Priam electric stroller seems more like a game-changer than a gimmick. It certainly lives up to its promise of making pushing as effortless as possible, whether on rough ground or going uphill. Plus, automatically braking downhill is an excellent safety feature.

They still need to work out the kinks with the app-controlled rocking function and make improvements to their accessory designs. But, given Cybex’s propensity for innovation, they will likely remedy these issues with time.

Plus, we’re sure we will see more brands come out with their own electric strollers. As more brands compete, the better the technology and designs will get. So, we can certainly see electric strollers as game-changers, not gimmicks!

What Do You Think?

Do you think e-strollers are going to be the next big thing? Are you going to add an electric stroller to your baby shower registry or stick with parent-powered strollers? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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