The New EV Battery Revolution?

The New EV Battery Revolution?

A new EV battery called ‘Gemini’ holds promise to reinvent the game.

Electric Vehicles Continue to Evolve

Electric vehicles (EVs) have many advantages over gas-powered vehicles. From improved safety to environmental considerations, EVs continue to outpace fossil-fuel cars in nearly every field. 

However, one area in which EVs continue to lag behind gas-powered cars is in their driving range. Gas cars have an advantage of gas stations, which are already well-integrated into our nations’ infrastructure. And while EV charging stations continue to pop up at an ever-increasing rate, improving EV range is a vital part of making EVs even more practical for the average consumer.

Enter the Our Next Energy Gemini Battery.

Our Next Energy (ONE) was founded by battery engineer Mujeeb Ijaz, who previously worked at Ford, Apple, and A123 Systems, gaining expertise in battery technology.

Long Range Redefined

ev battery
Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

According to ONE, a successful battery test they conducted in December 2021 saw a Tesla Model S drive 752 miles across Michigan on a single charge. That’s nearly double the 396 miles listed on Tesla’s website.

Imagine filling up your tank with a new kind of gas that lasts twice as long as regular unleaded. For EVs, this may be the trick to catching up to gas-powered vehicles. 

The improved range isn’t the only thing to boast about. According to ONE, the Gemini battery uses almost 20% less lithium than earlier prototypes. It may also use 60% less graphite. These reduced material costs make the batteries even more environmentally friendly, as they reduce the need for mining and extraction processes. 

More Possibilities

new ev battery could increase range for long driving standards

Our Next Energy (ONE) has started manufacturing LFP and anode-free battery cells at their large new facility in Van Buren Township, Michigan. While initially focused on commercial trucks and stationary storage, their next product is the dual-chemistry Gemini battery for passenger vehicles. It combines LFP cells to provide 150 miles of range, with anode-free cells adding an extra 450 miles – potentially doubling the range of most electric vehicles today. The innovative Gemini battery showcases ONE’s technical capabilities in advancing EV battery technology.

ONE doesn’t plan to stop with the Model S. BMW’s iX SUV is expected to have an estimated range of almost 600 miles with the Gemini battery as well. With numbers like these, other automobile manufacturers will be looking to expand their EV lineup. As the advantages of EVs continue to grow, battery technology will lead the way. Greater ranger, faster recharge times, reduced material needs – all this and more is coming our way. 

It Starts with a Battery

There’s still a lot of ground to cover before EVs replace gas vehicles. New charging stations are needed to replace gas stations to make EVs practical, especially for those who may live far away from more populated areas. However, one easy way to reduce the immediate need for more charging stations is to improve battery performance. By nearly doubling its range, the Gemini may make that all-electric future that much closer to reality. 

You can read more about this battery system here Our Next Energy (ONE) and the Gemini battery. And here 2023 Autoweek Vanguard Award, Technology

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