Affordable Electric Boats

Affordable Electric Boats

With the rise of new battery and motor technology, electric boats are more powerful and affordable than ever. 

Small boats for recreational utility and fun.

Affordable Electric Boats? Up until very recently, gas power was the most affordable and practical form of water propulsion. However, as battery and motor technology continues to become more powerful, practical, and affordable, electric boating is on the rise. 

Of course, there are high-powered top-end electric boats for the ultra-rich, such as Candela and X Shore. However, if you don’t have a significant amount of money to drop, the following are some examples of new and exciting developments in the world of electric boating on a budget.

Affordable Electric Boats

Here are a few that fall into this affordable category. And if you want to take a deeper dive – Here’s a collection if you want to learn even more. 

Veer V13

New from Brunswick, Veer is a new low-cost boat company boasting Mercury Marine outboard drivetrains. Their debut boat model, the  Veer V13 comes with a base combustion engine, and the electric model uses the newly-released Avator 7.5e electric outboard.

This two-seater, 13-foot boat has a rotomolded polyethylene hull, which is a very cost-effective way to produce a hull. The Veer V13 takes advantage of this to keep the price lower than fiberglass or aluminum hulled boats. And as a bonus to first-time boat owners, the V13 comes with its own trailer, making it easy to get a boating novice in the water. 

TwinTroller eVenture

TwinTroller’s eVenture boasts a unique hull design that takes advantage of suction to keep it stable. The hollow cavity under the sponsons floods with water surrounding the two electric motors, creating a form of suction that makes the boat even more stable. The manufacturer claims that two men can stand on the same side together without the boat tipping over.

Marketed as an ideal small fishing boat, the electric motors come with foot controls for easy travel.

Go-Float Vortex

The Go-Float Vortex is being promoted as a leisure craft for a fun afternoon on the water, as opposed to some of the more serious fishing-related boats on this list. Coming in just under seven grand, the affordability of this craft is something to consider. 

The Vortex is powered by a single 12V DC electric motor and reaches a top speed of 4 mph. It also comes with a variety of accessories to help customize your float. 

GoBoat 2.0

Another entry in the minimalist offers for electric water vehicles – the GoBoat 2.0 comes in just under a thousand dollars, making it one of the most affordable options on this list. 

This inflatable electric boat is light enough to carry by hand while deflated. With a 12v trolling motor with 35 pounds of thrust, five speeds forward and two reverse speeds, this option is still not much more than a float.

The inflatable e-boat is light enough to carry by hand when deflated, yet still packs a (small) punch with its 35 lb thrust 12V trolling motor designed by GoBoat. The company claims that it is the “lightest and most compact 35 lb thrust motor on the market.”

The motor comes with five speeds in the forward direction and two reverse speeds, though the top speed of 5 mph (8 km/h or 4.3 knots) isn’t going to win any water races.

Budsin 15′ Lightning Bug

Budsin has been in the e-boat game since 1987, so they bring considerable experience to their claim that the Lightning Bug is “the jewel of electric boats.”

Boasting a four-adult cockpit with a single control lever, this option seems to be designed for ease of use and maximum fun. Also note the use of wood in the design: decking, interiors, and even the hull is constructed of molded cedar and mahogany. Elegant, yes. But starting at $27k, it may not be a good option for the first-time boater. 

Electracraft 15LS

Moving up in size and fanciness, the Electracraft 15LS is a six-seater fiberglass boat with a molded interior. The highest capacity for when you want to take a half-dozen of your friends on the lake, with an upholstered interior, fiberglass dining table with cupholders, and a center helm – if you’re looking for a luxury experience designed to impress, this might be the one. 

It also has a price tag to match: at $42k, your friends may be more impressed with your finances than the boat itself. Running on a 48v system of marine batteries, you might be able to silence any nay-sayers with the powerful motor and (relatively) high speed. 

Small Electric Boats for Fishing and Recreation

These are just a few of the myriad other personal boats for recreation and fishing. There’s no doubt that more options will continue to be revealed every year, and as the technology continues to develop and enter the mainstream, the prices should decrease as well. Happy floating!

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