CSC RX1E Electric Motorcycle – A Good Commuter Option?

The CSC RX1E electric motorcycle strikes an impressive balance between performance and price.

While it can reach up to 80 mph and accelerate quickly, it retails for around $8,500 – significantly less than comparable electric motorcycles with similar specs.

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CSC RX1E Electric Motorcycle is Good for short highway drives

With a mid-mounted 18 kW motor, the RX1E has plenty of power for freeway riding. It hits 80 mph easily and reaches that speed in around 8 seconds. Though not as sporty as the pricier models, the RX1E still has enough acceleration for highway on-ramps.

CSC RX1E Electric Motorcycle Features

Where the RX1E really stands out is its impressive number of features for the cost. It has hydraulic brakes with ABS, multiple ride modes, reverse mode, LCD dash display, and more. Liquid cooling of the motor also helps it sustain power during demanding riding conditions.

The RX1E doesn’t have the range for long highway trips. Under mixed riding conditions, expect between 50 to 60 miles of range – significantly less at highway speeds. But for shorter commutes with some highway portions, the range will suffice.

CSC RX1E Electric Motorcycle

Best use of the CSC RX1E Electric Motorcycle

Overall, the RX1E is best suited for urban commuting and recreational riding. While the “adventure bike” looks may fool you, this is really a street bike underneath. But the tall windscreen, upright riding position, and luggage boxes make it an excellent tool for running errands, shopping, and enjoying the ride.

In Summary

For the money, the RX1E delivers impressive performance and utility in an attractively priced electric motorcycle package. If you’re after an affordable e-moto for a mix of city and freeway riding, the CSC RX1E is worth a look. For a deeper dive into the physical review, please read the post here on the Electrek website and learn more on the RX1E site.

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