Is the eVentje the New Standard in Electric Campers?

Is the eVentje the New Standard in Electric Campers?

Dutch camper company Ventje stands poised to reinvent the electric camper vehicle with a dash of retro aesthetic to complete the package.

Ventje, the renowned Dutch campervan maker, has taken a significant leap with eco-friendly travel with the launch of eVentje, its first electric camper. It was unveiled amidst the applause of over a thousand vanlife enthusiasts. 

eVentje embodies the spirit of the iconic 1950s campervan, reimagined for the electric era. 

Ventje Goes Electric

Is the eVentje the New Standard in Electric Campers?

At an event in Culemborg, Netherlands, the eVentje made its grand entrance, emphasizing Ventje’s commitment to sustainable travel. The choice of the Volkswagon ID. Buzz, as the foundation for this venture, is both symbolic and practical. 

The merges nostalgia with future-forward technology with the iconic VW aesthetic and modern features, including, of course, electric power.

Making the Most of the ID.Buzz

ID Buzz

The ID.Buzz by Volkswagen is a modern reincarnation of the classic and beloved VW bus, now designed with cutting-edge electric technology. Merging old-school charm with new-school fuel, the ID.Buzz marks a significant milestone in electric vehicle innovation, offering a fully electric driving experience. 

Benefits of an Ultra Compact Camper Van

The eVentje optimizes the concept of compact campervans. It offers the flexibility of being used as a daily vehicle while being ready for spontaneous getaways – whether to the countryside, urban centers, or campgrounds. 

The eVentje camper van features a thoughtful design that utilizes both interior and outdoor space. With a kitchen located at the vehicle’s rear, users have the flexibility to cook inside or from outside. 

This adaptability is also present in the seating area. The dining or lounge setup can transform into a sleeping space, with the added option of extending living space outside the van. 

Additionally, a specially designed drawer holds a table and chairs for two that can be setup outdoors. The design of the eVentje seamlessly integrates indoor conveniences with outdoor living.

eVentje Interior Features

Within its compact frame lies clever design ingenuity. The camper’s layout is designed to support a variety of usage scenarios without compromises, earning it accolades like inclusion in the Top 100 of Good Industrial Designs.

The interior can seamlessly transition from a four-seater with a table to a lounge or a comfortable double bed, showcasing Ventje’s innovative use of space. And, yes, the floorplan includes a toilet.

Despite limited space, the eVentje also has a true kitchenette. The smart design includes multiple drawers, a refrigerator chest, an induction cooktop, a faucet, a trash can, and countertop space.

It also has many outlets, USB-C charging points, and storage compartments, which can make the eVentje a pleasant mobile office. Whatever arrangement you choose to sit in, the many handy storage spaces are always accessible.

The one downside to Ventje’s floor plan is that it eliminates belted rear seats, making it a dedicated two-seater and two-sleeper, although Ventje says it’s working on a rear seat option in the future. An additional and optional lifting roof offers standing room and the option of an upper bed, but this comes with additional costs.

Is the eVentje the New Standard in Electric Campers?

eVentje Exterior Features

The lifting roof not only provides additional standing room but also makes room for an optional upper bed, expanding the sleeping arrangements. Coupled with the large solar panel, the camper achieves self-sufficiency, a testament to Ventje’s commitment to sustainable, off-the-grid capabilities.

eVentje Cost & Specifications

Currently, as of this writing, with a starting price of €95,000 (U.S. $105,425), the eVentje is a premium offering for those wishing to embrace the vanlife. It boasts an approximate driving range of 375 kilometers (233 miles), fast charging capabilities, and a powerful electric motor, ensuring that it is as practical as stylish. 

Additional specifications include:

  • Fast charging: 5-80% in 30 minutes
  • Power: 204 hp / 150 kW, Top speed: 145 km/h (90 mph)
  • Drive: 77 kWh electric drive
  • Length: 4.7m (15.5 feet)
  • Suitability for 4 people with upcoming rear seatbelt options

Setting the Bar High

With its thoughtfully designed interior, versatile features, and commitment to zero emissions, eVentje stands out as a potential new standard in the electric RV market. While its price point places it in the premium segment, the value it offers in terms of flexibility, design, and eco-friendliness makes it a compelling choice for the modern traveler. 

In a world increasingly conscious of environmental impacts, the eVentje represents a harmonious blend of nostalgia, innovation, and sustainability, making it more than just a vehicle—it’s a vision for the future of camping.

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