Tesla Supercharger V4 Takes EV Fast-Charging to New Heights

Tesla Supercharger V4 Takes EV Fast-Charging to New Heights

Tesla has revealed groundbreaking new specs for its upcoming Supercharger V4 that push the boundaries of electric vehicle fast-charging.

In a recent planning application, Tesla confirmed the Supercharger V4 will deliver unprecedented charging power of 350kW.

This massive charging capacity is a significant leap above even the fastest chargers currently available. No electric vehicle today can take full advantage of that level of power. But the Supercharger V4 positions Tesla to support upcoming high-powered EVs and futureproofs its charger network for exponential battery improvements.

The Supercharger V4 has been quietly deployed across Europe over the past 4 months. However, Tesla had yet to publicly announce specifications until now. Through construction plans and stations observed, clues emerged like an extra-long cable and integrated payment interface. But the official 350kW rating is the confirmation EV drivers have been waiting for.

Charging times will change

A charging station rated for 1,000V and 615A hinted at a maximum 600kW capacity. But Tesla has sensibly limited the connector output to a very achievable 350kW. This power blows existing fast-chargers out of the water while keeping charging times very low.

The immense power and extended cabling also hint at Tesla’s ambitions to open its network to other automakers. Tesla says the Supercharger V4 fully supports its upcoming Cybertruck and positions the brand to accelerate the global EV transition. By pushing charging limits higher than ever before, Tesla once again raises the bar for electric transportation.

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