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Drive Weather – The app for travelers

We have found one of the best weather apps for RV travel and general road trips. Drive Weather takes the National Weather Service’s weather forecast showing the weather along a route when they reach each point.

It allows comparison of different routes, creating stops, interactively changing departure time and other features that help travelers plan driving trips around the weather. 

Drive Weather is a travel app worth the look.

This is an app aimed at drivers to provide alerts and road weather forecasts for major highways and roads. The mobile app is the way most people will use this, but you can see some of the main features while on your computer. For example, travel on I-75, at the moment, looks like this:

drive weather app

Note how you can see the future by using the slider.

The main features are:

  • Driving alerts and forecasts for numerous east-west and north-south interstate highways in the U.S. as well as major roads in Canada and the UK
  • City to city forecast and alerts for specific routes like Chicago to Sturgis, New York to Chicago and Denver to Santa Fe
  • Forecasts shown at the expected times users will reach points along their route
  • Extras like highway wind speed and direction, temperature color coding, and radar overlays
  • Helps users avoid hazardous weather conditions like storms, fog, icing, high winds, etc. to drive safely

Reviews praise Drive Weather for being accurate, valuable for planning road trips around the weather, and easy to use. The app is available for either an annual or monthly subscription or a free version with limited features.

Turns out that over 400,000 driving injuries are caused by weather each year and up to 1 in 5 driving accidents are weather related. This app aims to help us make informed decisions based on the weather forecasts ahead of us on the road.

In Summary

Drive Weather provides detailed and location-specific road weather forecasts and alerts for major highways and routes to help those of us who love roadtrips plan our journeys around current and expected conditions to improve safety.

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