what's aroundme

What’s “AroundMe?” Find out easily.

Discover all that’s near you with the AroundMe app.

Available on iPhone, Android phones, and Apple Watch, AroundMe lets you instantly find the nearest restaurants, banks, gas stations and other businesses from your current location.

aroundMe app

With this convenient app, you can:

  • Search menus of thousands of restaurants
  • See showtimes at local movie theaters
  • Locate drug stores, museums and everything in between
  • Navigate directly to your selection within the app or using Apple Maps, Google Maps and other popular navigation apps

AroundMe Creates a Customized List

AroundMe identifies your precise location and generates a customized list of the closest businesses in any category – from banks and coffee shops to hotels, supermarkets and taxis. Each listing shows the exact distance from your current spot, so you can quickly decide where to go next.

Whether you’re exploring a new city or traveling the country in an RV, AroundMe is the perfect companion app to uncover everything around you with just a few taps.

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